Libreoffice STUFF

1.) Splitting a the content inside a cell/cells in a column based on a value

Similar that the python.split() method you can split the content of a cell into two cells, or if applied to a column.

To do so, first select the column that you can to split.

Second, go to “Data” –> “Text to Columns”

A menu will appear, where you can specify the seperator, as if importing a .csv file.

Click “OK” –> Done

A mor complete description of that (with pictures!) can be found here:

2.) Merging the content of cells.

Merging two cells is no problem.

First, select cells to merge.

Second, go to “Format” –> “Merge Cells” —> “Merge Cells” again. Click yes on whatever is says.

Unfortunately merging the values of whole columns row-wise isn’t as straight forward as splitting. 😦

3.) Superscript and Subscript

Crtl + Shift + P: superscript

Crtl + Shift + B: subscript

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